The first snow of the season came last week and while many may think that this is early, it’s actually quite common for us here in Park City. We had quite a bit of snow starting Wednesday afternoon through Friday and it was great fun to see the ground white and the trees covered with snow. Early snow this time of year is quite beautiful with the contrast of the white mountains and the bright yellow or still green aspens. I was up driving around the mountains on Saturday, a gloriously sunny day, and saw people everywhere with cameras or just standing and looking at the beauty.

It’s that time of the year when the town is quiet but not nearly as quiet as during the spring. Seasonal workers are starting to arrive, and there is a definite energy around town as the ski season approaches. Snow and colder weather just adds to the excitement. All around town you see advertisements for ski films, ski swaps, dates for getting season passes and updates on what the resorts have done over the summer. Fall is really a very fun time to be in a ski resort town watching everybody gear up and get ready for our crazy season. Yes, we mountain people are different, as I have often said, we get excited about snow and the larger the storm the more exciting it is..

In real estate news, the first new development since the economic downturn of 2008 has begun here in upper Deer Valley. This is on a parcel known as the north Silver Lake parcel near the Evergreen subdivision. This development will consist of around 15 cottages and three condominium buildings. Construction has started on the first cottage model with construction scheduled for the condominium buildings this spring. I understand that reservations will commence sometime in October. When developers have once again entered the market to build multi-unit developments I think we can feel that there is some strength to the housing market recovery. The market this fall has been quite strong which has made everyone hopeful going into the winter months. Our one concern however is the lack of inventory for sale, particularly for condos near the resorts. Hopefully sellers will decide to take advantage of the improving market and give buyers more choices. Time will tell.

With winter quickly approaching now is definitely the time to start planning your winter vacation if you have not already done so. From talking to my friends in the management companies, Christmas, Sundance and President’s week are already booking very strongly. If you are in the market to purchase a ski property this is a great time of the year to come out. Places are vacant and easy to get into, and sellers may be a little more motivated than they are during the height of the ski season. Please call or email me for my thoughts on what are the better buys right now or what’s going on with the resorts. And as always when you’re in town please stop by my office to say hello. For the next few weeks, however, you’ll need to come up to the second floor of the Royal Plaza building (right across the Plaza from the Mont Cervin building) as our office is being completely remodeled for the winter.