Laguna Hills Housing Element Facts

The City of Laguna Hills, California is one of the many cities in Orange County that is constantly growing and evolving. With its population expanding, the city has had to work hard to keep up with the housing needs of its residents. To do this, the city has implemented a Housing Element that outlines the steps necessary to ensure that the city meets its housing needs. Here are some facts about Laguna Hills’ Housing Element.

The Housing Element is a component of the city’s General Plan. It is a long-term plan that outlines the city’s vision for housing needs and development. It looks at the current housing needs in Laguna Hills and plans for future development to ensure that the city can meet these needs.

The Housing Element is updated every five years, and the most recent update was completed in 2019. This update includes modifications to existing policies and regulations to better meet the current and future housing needs of the city.

The 2019 update of the Housing Element identified a need for the construction of 2,360 new housing units in Laguna Hills by 2029. The update also identified a need for the preservation and rehabilitation of existing housing units.

The Housing Element also includes a variety of incentives and resources to help make housing more affordable and accessible for all residents. These include downpayment assistance programs, low-interest loans, and other initiatives.

The Housing Element also outlines the city’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in its housing policies. This includes promoting housing that is accessible to all residents regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or other factors.

The Housing Element is an important part of Laguna Hills’ commitment to providing safe, affordable housing for all of its residents. The city must continue to update and revise the document to ensure that it meets the changing housing needs of the city.

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