with Texas Investment Property Program

and Community Affairs (TDHCA) offers the Housing Tax Credit (HTC) program as an option for low-income households looking for affordable rental housing. Funded by the U.S. Treasury Department and overseen by the Internal Revenue Service, this program provides equity financing for affordable housing through two types of tax credits: 9% Competitive and 4% Non-Competitive. Eligible participants can receive credits to offset federal tax liability in exchange for producing or preserving affordable rental housing. Income-qualified tenants can obtain a unit at a reduced rental rate through the HTC program, and applicants can search the Vacancy Clearinghouse for rental properties. Complaints about HTC properties can be directed to the TDHCA Housing Resource Center (HRC) line, while public comment resources and federal regulations can be found in IRC Code Section 42 or on the NOFAs and Rules page. The TDHCA Governing Board makes the final funding decisions on all HTC applications and monitors properties for up to 40 years or the term of their affordability period. The program also provides separate set-asides for at-risk and USDA-assisted developments, and at least 10% of the allocation must be used for qualified non-profits. Scoring criteria for the 9% HTC program range from financial feasibility to tenant services and amenities.

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